fasten - to the store@2xNot everyone has the best mode of transportation for grocery shopping. Some people simply like it when someone else drives.

Either way, Basket is excited to announce the continuation of our Shop In Store program today in Austin, TX. To help local shoppers save even more time and money on every trip to the grocery store, Basket is teaming up with Walmart and Fasten to launch this experience for a limited time and we cant wait for our growing community to give it a try.

When making this week’s shopping list in the Basket App, you’ll be able to see all the prices for all the items on your list at near-by stores. If you choose to go to Walmart, the round trip with Fasten is free*! Simply follow the prompts in the app to have a Fasten driver take you to the store. And then, when you’ve found everything you need at Walmart, another driver will come and take you home.

“Basket’s community of shoppers are already saving 28% a week simply by using the app. But now they’re saving time with this innovative experience with Fasten and Walmart. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities for Basket, but not everyone in our community has consistent or reliable transportation. This test will allow everyone to have quick and safe options to save both time and money each time they shop for groceries.” – Andy Ellwood, Co-founder and President of Basket

Whether you’re a student without a car or you’ve got that perfect parking spot downtown, Walmart is excited to help test this new way of helping shoppers save time and money every day.

“Fasten is Austin’s first choice for rides, and many of our riders already use us to get their grocery shopping done. Working with Basket and Walmart just makes sense, and will be great for our customers and theirs. We’re excited to get started.” – Vlad Christoff, Co-founder and COO of Fasten

fasten - out of store@2x

If you’re in the Austin, TX area, here is how to take advantage of this limited time promotion.

  1. Download the Basket app and create an account.
  2. Start adding items to your shopping basket.
  3. When your basket is complete, compare the price for your full basket at local stores.
  4. On the Walmart results, you’ll see the Fasten Logo. Click there and you’ll be taken over to the Fasten app.
  5. Request a ride as you normally would.
  6. For a limited time only, rides to and from the store are free*.
  7. When you are ready to head home from the store, repeat steps 4 and 5 and then snap a picture of your receipt in the Basket app on your way home.

Next time you have to head to Walmart you can sit back and relax. With Basket + Fasten, you can get everything on your shopping list without having to worry about finding a ride.

(Up to $15 each way – more than enough to get to a Walmart near you!)

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