FOX 4 NEWS : Andy Elwood's interview about Basket, a Grocery Price Comparison app for Iphone and Android.

You want to save the most money on your trip to the grocery store the next time you’ll go? But you don’t have time to do all the comparison price checking? There is the new grocery price comparison app called Basket who tell you where to find the best prices.

Andy Elwood, the co-founder of Basket, was a part of a team that built Waze. And now he’s using the same model of crowdsourcing real time information app that helps you to cut your grocery bill in two !

Basket Community of Smart Shoppers

The Basket app is built by an army of 5000 citizens price checkers and 250000 users updating the prices of products they buy. They cover together about 100 top chains of the country. So you know where to find the best price!

Basket will compare everything that is in your shopping list to same or similar products at local stores. And then will give you the total price for your Basket. So you decide to turn to the left or to the right and save $30! – explains Andy Elwood.

The best part about getting a great deal is telling someone about it. So now the crowd of cost conscious consumers is conspiring to save your cash!

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Steve Noviello report.
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