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At Basket, we want our shoppers to know how we are using their data to make their experience better and not hide behind anonymous third party companies to prove our revenue platform works.

When our shoppers trust us with information about their households and their shopping habits, they’re doing so because Basket is giving them clearly personalized information that they can use to make better purchasing decisions. There is a clear exchange of value.

Basket App Puts Shoppers First

The revelation this morning in the Washington Post just is another example of a tech giant abusing the privacy of its users. Only because there is no other place for its users to go and most of them never read the Terms and Service agreement that allows this invasion of privacy.


The consolidation of power in an increasingly out of touch Silicon Valley is leading to an “us vs them” showdown. The collusion at the top of the tech industry has stripped consumers of their power to vote with their feet and their clicks. So Basket’s community of shoppers is rising up to restore balance in grocery. While Basket won’t be the solution to Google’s aggressive advertising practices or Amazon’s pervasive cyber stalking. It is the solution for every shopper in the country: providing them with all the data they need to make informed decisions about what’s best for their family. Thus their data is used for their benefit, not merely to line the pockets of Silicon Valley’s super elites.

If you want to take a stand and make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself, and not just what a tech company’s algorithm’s think is best for you, be a part of Basket Community putting Shoppers First.

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