Basket Savings, grocery price comparison app, in Good Morning Washington, 2017

We all want to save on groceries, but who has the time to clip coupons nowadays? Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert for, says it’s time to throw away those ads and let your phone do the work for you. She shared with us grocery savings apps to download today.

At Good Morning Washington we tried out the Basket app. And this is a cool app, because you download the items you want and then it tells you which store to go to have it cheapest.

You put your list in the Basket, Grocery Savings app, and it looks around for coupons, savings and deals. So Basket helps you to strategize where is the best place to shop where you can save the most this week. Stores actually put the things on sale to get you in store. They all are finding for a little piece of that pie. They want to get the consumers, so Basket app helps to lead you in the right direction! – says Trae Bodge.

If you’re still clipping coupons you almost waste your time cause this app makes it so easy for you to save money on grocery shopping!

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