We like to think of Summer Solstice as the tipping point of the seasons. In science-speak, Summer Solstice is when the Northern Hemisphere receives more daylight than any other day of the year. In easier to understand lingo, Summer Solstice is simply the longest day of the entire year on this side of the planet, and it also marks the start of the astronomical summer.

And, when the planets say it’s summer, here at Basket we take it very seriously. We’re talking smoothies, ice pops, and everything that’s quintessentially chill for summer – literally, and metaphorically. Do you want to know how to stay cool on the longest day of the summer? Keep on reading!

Frozen Fruit Drinks

While you could buy fresh fruit to freeze, frozen fruit is a practical – and way cheaper – option to staying cool this Summer Solstice. Just one search on a grocery price comparison tool like Basket will show its available in all grocery stores, and often on sale.

Why We Love It: Frozen fruit is incredibly versatile. For one, toss frozen berries into a glass of wine or champagne in place of ice cubes to enjoy an ice-cold beverage with an added something special. Make the perfect frozen margarita or daiquiri with frozen strawberries, and omit the alcohol for virgin frozen goodness that is perfect for your non-drinking friends, or children.

Fresh Fruit Slushees

It goes without saying that fresh fruit is delicious on a hot summer day. We’re thinking of a chilled slice of watermelon, ripe and juicy. Want to give that watermelon new life? Make your own slushee!

Why We Love It: It’s so easy! Dice fresh watermelon and combine with sparkling water and ice in a blender. Add in extras like mint or basil for a sophisticated kick. Blend on high speed until the ice has melted and the fruit has become smooth. Serve into chilled glasses for a sweet (and healthy!) treat the whole family can enjoy.

Frozen Juice Pops

Do you remember making juice pops as kid? You would pour your favorite juice into a popsicle mold.When you popped it out, icy-cold tastiness would combat any signs of summer heat.

Why We Love It: Talk about fun and flexible! Orange juice, cranberry juice, even lemonade all make fantastic pops. Pour your beverage of choice into popsicle molds and let sit in the freezer for four hours, or until frozen. Turn popsicle making into a fun activity for the kids by letting them add additional goodies into their molds, like berries, gummy bears, or sour candies.

Java Jolt Smoothies

Sometimes even iced coffee isn’t cool enough to beat the heat on the longest day of the summer. But, how do you get your caffeine fix in while staying cool? Java jolt smoothies!

Why We Love It: These couldn’t be more simple, or delicious. If you’re feeling a quick blend, simply toss ice cubes, fresh coffee, and a banana into the blender and blend on high speed until the ice has melted. Make coffee ice cubes using a basic ice mold to really bump up the flavor. Feeling something a bit more fancy? Toss ice cubes, vanilla frozen yogurt (low-fat is just as tasty!), a banana, coffee, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce into the blender and blend on high. The result? An ice-cold, creamy, caffeinated treat that will take you from the wee hours of morning to the late sun-filled evening of Summer Solstice.

How will you beat the heat during the Summer Solstice? During the longest day of the year, don’t waste those minutes with boring recipes. Try out these frozen treats for a unique spin on staying cool. And, to be the coolest – use Basket to find the best prices on all the ingredients you’ll need to achieve the perfect summer chill!