chicken wings

Do you see that, about to round the corner? There’s a holiday rapidly approaching, and we’ve got our wet-naps at the ready. Behold – it’s National Chicken Wing Day!

Celebrated annually on July 29, National Chicken Wing Day is a celebration for Americans nationwide. And really, Americans are not afraid to show their love of wings. In fact, 1.23 billion wings are consumed during Super Bowl weekend alone. To break that down: that’s over 100-million pounds of wings in one weekend. If you laid those same exact chicken wings out, end to end, they would actually circle the perimeter of the Earth – twice.

So to be fair, it’s not like chicken wings really needed a day to be eaten by the billions. But, let’s be honest: we’ll take any reason to celebrate wings. To kick off the party we want to be clear: Whether you like your wings hot and spicy, tangy, sticky with BBQ sauce, or plain with a smorgasbord of dipping sauces on the side, you should still enjoy them the Basket way – at a low price!

We invite you to spend this glorious Sunday celebrating wings in the comfort of your own kitchen, whipping up your own batch of well-seasoned wings for a whole lot cheaper than you could find in a restaurant. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of chicken wing recipes that all feature Basket-approved ingredients!

1. Hot ‘n’ Spicy Wings

We’re kicking this collection off on a hot note. Beware, this recipe is not for those of us with delicate taste buds. But, if the thought of digging into a plate of steamy wings full of piping heat is up your alley, this is the recipe for you! While the hot sauce definitely makes this recipe, the addition of Worcester sauce and brown sugar really rounds out the taste.

2. Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

It’s like our favorite condiment and our favorite finger food had a baby: honey mustard chicken wings! Sweet and sticky, we can’t guarantee that you won’t try to wipe your hands on your pants after demolishing a plate of these bad boys. No worries, no judgment here. Taking only 6 ingredients and 15 minutes of prep time, these are a no-brainer to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day.

3. Classic Buffalo Wings

We couldn’t dive into some of our more daring recipes until we paid homage to the classic wing option – buffalo. Flavored with hot sauce, garlic, and a bit of butter and salt, these easy to make wings are also totally affordable. Whether you pair with a ranch or bleu cheese dip, we guarantee you’ll love these classic wings.

4. Spicy Ranch Wings

Are you a ranch-dressing-wing-dipper? Well, now double your dosage of creamy ranch with this zesty spicy ranch chicken wing recipe! We love this recipe for a number of reasons (it’s delicious taste being first and foremost), but what really sold us was the use of ranch salad dressing mix in the ingredients.

We’ve mentioned using this cheap grocery item to flavor a few dishes, including a quick and easy dip, but now incorporate it into this tasty spicy ranch wing recipe!

5. Sticky and Crispy Asian Wings

It was the sticky and crispy part that got us intrigued initially, but the fresh garlic and soy sauce really amp up these Asian-inspired wings. The trick to keeping these wings crispy while still dripping in sauce is to toss them at the very last moment, not allowing the decadent blend of sticky Asian sauce to make the wings soggy by letting them sit.

6. Bourbon BBQ Wings

A creation of Chef Lawrence Page, we discovered this delicious recipe when Team Basket guest-starred on the STEVE Show with Steve Harvey. Chef Page whipped up soul food-inspired dishes all week long, using the Basket app to save some major coin.

For these tasty wings, Chef Page saved 32% by finding all necessary ingredients with the Basket app! And if that alone doesn’t spark your excitement, these wings tasted so good Steve Harvey himself practically walked off the stage in disbelief. Yeah, sounds like these might be a great way to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day.

7. Taco Inspired Grilled Wings

We love a simple packet of taco seasoning. Not only can these affordable packets deliver a real punch of flavor, you can use them in quite a few different ways. The perfect example? These taco-inspired wings. Tossed in taco seasoning, lime juice, chili powder, and a dash of cayenne (optional for those that like heat!), taco-inspired wings are a flavorful new addition to our wing recipe repertoire. Keep some salsa and sour cream on the side for dipping, and even toss some shredded cheese on top for extra gusto.

8. Lemon Pepper Wings

A classic in its own right, lemon pepper chicken is a juicy, zesty option to load on your plate. When in wing form, we can’t stop gobbling up these handheld treats. Taking only 10 minutes to prep, lemon pepper wings are an excellent option for dinner or a game-time snack yearlong.

9. Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings

We adore these crispy garlic parmesan wings, because despite being baked instead of fried, they still keep a beautiful crunch! Plus, ditching all that excess oil from the frying process makes them a healthier option as well. The light, garlicky sauce coats these crispy wings perfectly, plus it’s super easy to make!

10. Curry Inspired Wings

Time for some curry in a hurry! If you love the taste of curry but maybe wouldn’t consider yourself a master chef, these wings are loaded with curry flavor and take minimal effort to achieve. Be aware: you will want to allow these to marinate for at least two hours, so this is a dish you may want to plan ahead.

11. Caribbean Jerk Wings

Bring the flavor of the Caribbean into your kitchen with these jerk wings! With a five minute prep time and just 15 minute cook time, you’ll have guests begging for seconds of these easy to make, delicious wings. Just thinking of these gets us excited to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day!

12. Orange Glazed Wings

Salty, sweet, and hot, these orange glazed wings are a favorite around Basket HQ. Orange zest, garlic, soy sauce, and brown sugar blend with a base of fresh orange juice for a citrus-y twang we can’t get enough of. Using easily available ingredients, this recipe is just as affordable as it is delicious.

Will you be celebrating National Chicken Wing Day? Or, do you just really love chicken wings and can’t wait to dig into some new recipes? Whether it’s the former or the latter, we hope you love this collection of finger-lickin’ good wing recipes just as much as we do! Just don’t forget to take the Basket app along for your shopping trip, to be sure you’re paying the best price for your chicken wing necessities!