woman celebrating culinarians day

Here’s the sad truth: You can adore the Food Network, love browsing the grocery store, and stalk Pinterest for new recipes (give us a follow over there if you haven’t already!), and still be a terrible cook. We know – it’s not for lack of trying! But, cooking is a delicate art that not all of us have been graced with the talent for.

Or, on the other hand, you might just be too lazy to cook. So instead, you volunteer to set the table, make the drinks, or even serve dessert. That’s okay too! But, you might have read the title of this blog post and thought, “Hm, Culinarians Days? That sounds pretty fancy.”

We hear you, it does sound pretty gourmet. And in its origin, it might have been. So, you might be wondering if you have the chops to celebrate such an exquisite sounding holiday. Want to find out if you have what it takes to show your culinarian pride on Culinarians Day? Take our quiz below!

Congratulations! Every July 25, we celebrate Culinarians Day – the holiday with an unknown creator and origin but a clear purpose: to celebrate culinarians. By definition, culinarians are experts in the art and science of cooking and serving of food. Realistically though, we understand a culinarian as anyone who is involved in the preparing and presenting of food. So, whether you’re an elite top chef, a home novice, or a downright dud in the kitchen, you can still celebrate!

How Can I Celebrate Culinarians Day?

Now that you know you can celebrate Culinarians Day, the options are endless. For one, you can try to cook on Culinarians Day. There are plenty of recipes for bad cooks – just check our Budget Menus! Start small, maybe make a salad topped with grilled chicken. Or, boil up some pasta and top it with some jar pasta sauce.

If that sounds a bit too complicated, you can head to the grocery store and find something pre-made. We’re thinking frozen pizzas, or other frozen entrees. One quick look at the Basket app will reveal what’s cheapest near you this week, so find something that sounds good and pop that bad boy in the oven – an easy recipe for bad cooks, just nuke them and you’re done.

If even the idea of putting something in the oven is frightening you, fret not – there are more options! Send a chef or a cook a thank you for preparing your yummy dishes. You could also give the individual who typically cooks for you a sweet thank you card, for constantly providing you with edible meals.

You don’t have to be a chef to celebrate Culinarians Day. So, even if you just set the table, get your party on!