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O say can you see … the grocery savings for the Independence Day barbecue, all across the land of the free and the home of the brave? That’s right, throughout America the grocery lists have been made and the shopping trips are about to begin. Bring on the hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and buns. Get the potato salad, chips, corn and watermelon. Make sure you have all the toppings and condiments. And, don’t forget the refreshments and savory dessert.

Most importantly, don’t overpay for those groceries!  Since Basket loves a spirited and patriotic competition, we asked: Where in the U.S.A. can you buy all of the items for an awesome BBQ for the lowest price, to feed about eight to twelve people?

Using the power of our community — who are all working together to save each other time and money on groceries — we found the average price, from lowest to highest. In total, we compared prices of 26 different items for a mouth-watering BBQ, from leading local grocery stores across 20 different cities.

Based on an average national price of $101.08, the most expensive place in America right now to get your July 4th BBQ grocery list is Chicago ($ 114.18), followed by Detroit ($ 113.82). Sorry Midwesterners! For the best bargains, head to the west coast, where Phoenix comes in at #2 ($90.51), and Los Angeles gets Uncle Sam’s nod for coming in the lowest at $89.84!

BBQ infographic

Los Angeles,               $ 89.84

Phoenix                       $ 90.51

Houston                      $ 91.21

Tampa                         $ 95.26

Charlotte                     $ 95.47

Washington DC         $ 97.64

Philadelphia               $ 98.11

Miami                          $ 98.46

Minneapolis               $ 98.78

New York                    $ 100.55

Denver                         $ 100.61

Baltimore                    $ 100.61

Dallas                           $ 101.95

San Fran                      $ 104.79

Riverside                     $ 104.89

San Diego                    $ 104.98

Seattle                          $ 108.43

Atlanta                         $ 111.50

Detroit                         $ 113.82

Chicago                       $ 114.18


No matter where you are this July 4th, here’s wishing you get all the *bang* for your grocery shopping buck!