pull apart cinnamon buns

Ready for some awesome news you can use? June is National Accordion Month!

Why is this important? Because aside from the totally rad accordion-playing peeps that are celebrating this month, some of our favorite, most drool-worthy recipes mimic the art of the accordion. We’re talking about pull-apart foods. Foods that only really release their goodness when stretched – kinda like an accordion!

Keep on reading to discover our seven favorite pull-apart foods to celebrate National Accordion Month.

1. Monkey Bread

Monkey bread goes by a variety of names, including monkey puzzle bread, sticky bread, and pinch-me cake. The origin of the name “monkey bread” is pretty simple: since it’s a finger food, those eating it would pick the bread apart as a monkey would. And, people have been pulling this tasty treat apart for a while now. Since 1880, in fact.

Orginating in Hungary, monkey bread is frequently prepared in the U.S. as a pastry for breakfast or to be eaten after dinner as dessert. Loaded with cinnamon, brown sugar, and nuts or raisins, it is the perfect treat.


Try it Yourself: One look at the Basket app will show you that Pillsbury can almost always be found on sale. Check out their recipe for Grands! Monkey Bread, and thank us later.

2. Cinnamon Rolls

The only way to properly eat cinnamon rolls is when the thick swirls of cinnamon-infused dough are thicker than your fingers and the roll itself is larger than your head. Anything less is just disrespectful, in our opinion.

But, getting back to our main point: cinnamon rolls are the ultimate crowd-pleasing pull-apart food. When topped with a fresh drizzle of icing, they make the perfect snack to get everyone around the table and digging in.


Try it Yourself: We love this recipe because the Stay At Home Chef, AKA Rachel Farnsworth, answers any questions we might have had before attempting to make these ooey-gooey rolls from scratch ourselves. Check out her recipe for the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Ever and let us know how you do!

3. Garlic Knot Pull-Aparts

Before we jump back into the sweet stuff, let’s discuss some of our favorite savory treats. At Basket, we love us some good garlic knots. Make those into garlic knot pull-aparts? We are so sold.

Plus, these are super easy to whip up and require ingredients that won’t break the bank. Talk about smart savings.


Try it Yourself: It would just be cruel of us to not share this Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots recipe. While you can totally omit the pepperoni for your vegetarian friends, we adore the combination of zesty pepperoni and savory cheeses this recipe provides.

4. Nachos

You might be thinking, “Why nachos?” We like to consider nachos as food jenga. Digging one from a cheesy spot at the bottom, or playing it safe and sticking to the top of the pyramid. Either way, nachos are definitely a pull-apart food in our opinion.


Try it Yourself: From cheese to chips to toppings, Basket has you covered with the best prices near you! Want to perfect your nacho-making skills? Check out this seven-ingredient Easy Beef Nacho recipe that will leave your tummy – and your wallet – happily full.

5. King Cake

Originating over 300 years ago as French bread-like dough with sugar on top and a bean (yes, a bean!) inside, the king cake has become a Louisiana staple. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to NOT find a king cake in New Orleans during Carnival season. Traditionally, the person who found the bean inside of the king cake was deemed “king of the feast.”

With this recipe, be the king of your own feast!


Try it Yourself: We chose this king cake recipe because you only need three ingredients to whip up something delicious. That’s a royal recipe, if you ask us. Try your hand at this Quick and Easy Mardi Gras King Cake recipe.

6. Eggplant Pull-Apart “Bread”

Trying to ditch the carbs without ditching the fun this Accordion Month? We get that. That’s why we’re including this unique and bread-free eggplant pull-apart! We guarantee that once you’ve tasted it, you won’t miss the carbs at all.


Try it Yourself: Aside from the large eggplants, you might find that you already have most of the ingredients for this pull-apart dish already at home. If you do make this Eggplant Pull-Apart Bread recipe, be sure to Tweet us @BasketSavings to show us the results!

7. Mozzarella Sticks

This might be cheating, but if it feels this good it’s got to be right – right? While mozzarella sticks don’t come in the traditional pull apart format, one cannot deny that scrumptious string of melty cheese that pulls apart upon first bite. So to us, mozzarella sticks also deserve to be celebrated during National Accordion Month.


Try it Yourself: We’re not objecting to purchasing pre-made mozzi-sticks. After all, Basket finds some really good prices, and pre-made sticks are cheaper than fresh blocks of mozzarella! But, if you want to get your Martha Stewart on, check out this Mozzarella Stick recipe.

Geared with these seven recipes, we bet you’ll be able to celebrate National Accordion Month in appropriate pull-apart fashion. The best part? These recipes gather everyone around the dish, so you can expect great conversation and laughter to take center stage all month long.