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There is a new app for saving money on your groceries called Basket! Andy Ellwood is the co-founder and president of the Basket Savings App. He’s showing us how the app works and how it will help you to save money on groceries!

Basket is an app for people who want to save money on groceries and don’t like to spend a lot of time on shopping. How does it works?

You may see on the screen that the price in one store is $1.69 versus $5.49 in another just for one product! We take everything that’s on your shopping list and we give you the total price for your entire basket. So you see all the savings that are possible. Basket app will tell you what is the best price and what is the closest by. So if you don’t mind to drive further, you may save a lot of money.

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Basket’s co-founder Neil Kataria, a father of three, found out that there may be 40% of difference if you switch the store! You may never compare the in-store prices, that’s what we do with the Basket app. So turning left or turning right can save you $30! And when we think about weekly or monthly shopping lists, that’s thousands of dollars of savings every year simply by checking the free Basket app before to go to the store.

What’s really interesting, it’s that there’s 40000-50000 items in regular grocery store. 4000-5000 of them are on sale this week. But if you look what’s published online in weekly circular, there is only 300 items on sale that are actually published outside the store.

What our community of actual shoppers does – they see the best price and they upload it. So this crowdsourced information guarantees that nobody is missing any savings and you may choose if you want to save your time or save money! We organize all the information from different chains and brands nation wide in one place.

How Basket app keeps on the top of the grocery prices cause they change from Thursdays to Wednesdays, from Saturday to Saturday?

We have about 3,5 years of date now, so we understand the tendances of price change. So we send our secret shoppers to check the actual price in stores. Basket app gives you the best shop to have everything in one place. You may have a favorite shop, so the app will show you it’s prices first.

Average american family goes to grocery shop 3 times a week. So we want to give this information to consumers for them to decide what is the best place to shop today – the closest or the cheapest. Find the Basket app in the Apple app store or Google Play store.

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