NBC NEWS : Neil Kataria's interview about Basket, a Grocery Price Comparison app for Iphone and Android.

Is your grocery bill out of control? No matter how you try, the grocery bill breaks the bank?

Therefore a local dad and a software developper Neil Kataria tired of paying monster bills for his family of four did something about it! He developed an app called Basket. The first ever crowd sharing community of shoppers tired of shopping blind. And now he is helping thousands of other families too to cut their grocery budget in half! All the sales, all the coupons included! The app reveals you what your shopping list will cost across the stores near you and helps you too save on groceries!

It’s quite simple. You put in your grocery list items you want to buy, then you push a button called Shop My Basket and the app it shows you all the prices in all the local stores – says Neil Kataria.

How Basket app can help you to save even more on groceries?

And if you want even larger discount, you can tell the app that you willing to shop in two different shops or to drive a few miles out of the way to get even bigger discount! So a new Basket App could help you get control of your food budget! Consumer reporter Susan Hogan shows how it may help you save on groceries. Watch the video


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